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Good morning to you all 💜

gal_gadot #WomanofWonder today is dedicated to @stannibombani – She’s been with me since the first Wonder Woman and I know we have a
long future together. She’s always there by my side making sure I’m safe
and at the same time taking the punches and getting thrown against
walls. 💪🏻 She’s a mother, an athlete, and her movements are unlike
anything I’ve seen before in a stunt performer. Thank you Stani for
bringing your all, everyday and with such grace and kindness.

gal_gadot Starting the new year with this kick ass project! Can’t wait to meet my incredible cast mates on set,@vancityreynolds @therock see you soon boys! #RedNotice

hunterandgatti: How charming you are! Loved working with you @gal_gadot


Sweater Weather.

alimariehurtado: Wonderful time talking water, wellness and #WonderWoman with #GalGadot 💙💥


Happy birthday to my one and only sister @danagadot !! You make my world better ! Thank you for having so much light, joy, warmth and kindness .. you’re the best sister anyone could ask for . Wishing you all the great things this world has to offer and I promise I’ll always have your back , just like in this photo..❤️⭐️💃🏻💃🏻🥳🤩😻👸🏼👩‍❤️‍👩🍀

gal_gadot All set. let’s do this!@Revlon #PhotoReady #ad 📸:@dudihasson1

gal_gadot: Happy Chanukah and merry Christmas to all of you that are celebrating 💃🦄🎊 from my family to yours we wish you a great 2020 with lots of joy and magical moments. I’ve spend the past few days with my family, having some quality time after shooting Death on the Nile and before jumping into Red Notice. I’m feeling grateful and happy to have such special people that I love so much surrounding me. Here’s to an amazing year to all of us❤️ G